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momanddadWe are so blessed to be working in Honduras and have so many people involved in the ministry here in the mountains of Central America. Darlene, Ever, Dr. Glenn, and I are honored to serve the King of Kings and the people in need on the mountain

We serve on a mountain near Talonga. The ministry is based out of a facility called, Freedom Ranch. - Darrell


Helping the Sick

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The Medical Clinic in Ocotal has been a real blessing to many. People walk for hours to come and see the doctor. The doors open at 8:30. When we get arrive in the morning, 15-30 people  are already waiting. Dr. Glenn sees patients with simple ailments to those with extreme sicknesses. His supply of  new medicine (inhalers, antibiotics, formula, vitamins, and so much more) from the states has saved lives.  

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The Doctor works hard to ensure the health care of all of the people for which he cares. He goes above and beyond to bless each one who walks through the clinic doors. This summer, medical clinics also took place at Ocote. The people were so grateful to get to see the doctor.

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The poor Hondurans are desperate for health care and Dr. Glenn has done a great job using the abilities and tools God has given him to ensure a high standard of medical care for all. The poor can receive medical care and medications for free because of those who support AMOR. The care may be free to the people, but there are others who are paying the price to give the care to those in need. Thank you.

What can one person do?

Linda Marie in Ana. shockLinda Marie in anaphylactic shock.

This month, professional photographer, Jesse West, came to Freedom Ranch for the first time. Jesse traveled with Jan Dixon to bring medical and other supplies to the mission.

The following is an exerpt from Jesse's story of God's amazing provision.

" After a couple of patients, I was summoned to take a girl to the hospital. As I entered the room Dr. Glenn Gonzalez pointed me to the room which the little was in. I carried her to the room set up for emergency treatment while Dr. Glenn prepped a breathing treatment. I started to examine the girl and was informed by the Dr. that she was in anaphylactic shock. Her lips were cyanotic (blue) and was in sever respiratory distress. I checked her lung sounds and her breathing was the shallowest I have ever heard. Her heart rate was 115 and increasing every 5 minutes.

At this point, Ever Dakin went on his dirt bike to get a pick up truck. During this 30 minute wait, I stayed with the young girl. The thing is, we had just brought epi pens for peds with us. That was a miracle in itself.

69461 497645026934777 1854639571 nTransporting Linda Marie to get emergency help.After stabilizing the young girl, Dr. Glenn came in and asked me to ride with her to the hospital and gave me instructions to use the epi pen, if needed. When Ever returned, we rushed her into the truck. On the way at approximately 5 mph for the first few miles, her conditions worsened. Her eyes were glazed and rolling back and her skin very clammy and cool on extremities but very hot on her torso. I could not check lung sounds with a stethoscope because of the rough ride I had to press my ear to her chest and listen. Several times she lost all consciousness and I was able to get her to return with stimuli via sternum rubs.Linda Marie after medical emergency is over.

Ever was great at fighting Talanga traffic weaving around and moving people out of the way. When we arrived at the treatment center in Talanga, Ever went to pre-pay for her medical service. I held her in my arms as they instructed me to lay her on a dirty bloody sheet from the last patient. I grabbed a folded sheet and placed it on the stretcher and then layed her down. They started meds right away via IV. I was informed via translator the women treating her was a pediatrician who specialized in anaphylactic shock. Yet another miracle. When assured she was ok, Ever and I returned to our remote clinic. We returned to pick her up two hours later. She was 100%. Praise God. Dr. Glenn told me the Pediatrician was only there once every 2 weeks. WOW. I praise God for putting everything and everyone in the right place at the right time."


Linda Marie's homeNOTE: This remote medical clinic is operated through donations. The motorcycle, the truck, the medicine, and even the money used to pay for Linda Marie's treatment came from Aarons Mission & Outreach supports. Saving this one little girl's life is worth it all. Thank you everyone!



Ever Dakin

Ever is the Aarons Mission & Outreach translator and works in the ministry. He is an anointed worshipper and lover of God! Click HERE to read more about Ever's story.


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